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taken away. they are worried about new gun laws and not sure with a gun laws are coming down the road. a lot of people are nervous and concerned about it. >> certainly the push for gun control leveraging the tragedy at sandy hook is despicable. >> gregg: elizabeth pran joins us inside the gun show where some members of the city council are fighting to ban gun shows entirely. how are lawmakers planning to ban the gun shows legally? >> reporter: in order for them to ban them legally, city officials say the only one to enforce the ordnance ordinance in place that no guns can be brat on city property and they claim here is owned by the city. they say they own the property and therein lies the dispute. they say gun shows is forum for
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illegal trade. >> i have no power at the city level to block all gun shows in the city of ashville. the only place we regulate is where people can possess weapons. >> reporter: gun distributors tell us it's perfectly legal the way guns are sold here and same way they are sold in stores. >> gregg: how are people react to all of this? >> reporter: if actions speak louder than words and we are seeing that in sheer numbers, thousands of people are turning up at gun shows. there was a line about three hours before the doors opened here yesterday. one dealer says it comes down to protecting their second amendment rights. listen. >> you cannot take away the rights of millions of law abiding citizens for what one madman does.
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according to the f.b.i., 2.8 million people applied for concealed weapons since december. >> gregg: thanks very much. new details on more gun violence rocking colorado yet again. that community still reeling from the horrific mass murder of 12 people inside a movie theater last summer. police responded to reports of shots fired inside a townhouse. when police arrived they were confronted by a gunman that barricaded himself inside. police stormed the house killing the gunman and found three other adults inside all shot to death. a fourth person escaped unharmed by jumping out of a second-floor window. police are not releasing any motives for those killings. >> to alabama, police are accusing a 17-year-old student of plotting to attack his high school.
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one of his teachers finding a book detailing his plan when police questioned him he said the book was a work of fiction and the plans would not have been carried out. police say a search of his home uncovered dozens of shrapnel filled containers that could have been turned into live grenades. >> he had put a lot of thought into this. it was obvious to us there was more than just writing a story in a jumper and it being fictitious. >> gregg: she currently in jail. he is being charged as an adult. he will appear in court to face felony charges of attempted assault. >> jamie: here we go again in washington. the country is facing yet another fiscal fight and this time it's over raising the debt limit. sources are saying president obama will use campaign style tactics in his approach but even before the fight hits fever pitch, both sides are speaking
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past each other and they stake familiar ground between taxes and spending. >> we're talking about looking at the tax code, putting everything on the table from the standpoint of closing loopholes and we know we can do that. special subsidies for big oil, $38 billion right there. how much more revenue can we get as we go forward? >> the tax issue is finished, over, completed. that is behind us now. the question is what are we going to do about the real problem. we didn't have this problem because we weren't taxing enough. unfortunately because of the agreement that was reached, 99% of americans will not see their taxes go up. 5,000 small businesses will not see their taxes go up. president got trillion dollars less than what he wanted. >> jamie: molly henneberg joins us. molly, obviously it's going to be the next item on the agenda. the debt ceiling and spending.
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we hope, now that the president is back do we know what his strategy is? >> he was victor in the elections and he intends to use that political capital and his campaign style success to get his message across. for example, we hit the nations 16 hadn't $4 trillion debt limit last week. that is the nation's credit card limit to pay for spending. the president is making the case publicly he wants congress to raise that limit without a fight. >> one thing i will not compromise over whether or not congress should pay the tab for a bill they already racked up. if congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, the consequences could be catastrophic. our entire economy could suffer for it. our family and businesses can't afford that dangerous game
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again. >> molly: congress has two months to fix the debt ceiling problem before the u.s. may have to default on its bills. >> jamie: what kind of reaction did we hear from republicans? >> molly: republicans agreed for the push for higher taxes during the fiscal cliff battle now want to tackle spending and they see raising the debt limit as part of the spending problem. they want more bipartisan negotiations and less campaigning. >> it looks like the second term of barack obama is going to be in your face term. i'm not going to talk to you at all about the debt ceiling. we've yet to cut one dime from the debt ceiling agreement and now time to do it again. we have to stop the madness. >> molly: chris van hollen it's reckless and irresponsible not to pay bills that are due. >> jamie: thanks, molly. >> gregg: president obama signing that $9.7 billion super storm sandy aid bill into law.
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it increases the federal emergency management agency's borrowing. fema had warned it would run out of funds if congress didn't step in to help soon. a larger and more comprehensive aid package still in the air. john boehner voting to on it next week. >> jamie: a rare public appearance of assad addressing torn nation. for first time in six months. leland vitter has more. >> this speech is a combination of the same old, same old, all the rebels are terrorists. we're going to continue to fight and win this war, but it also provided a little bit of diplomatic cover not only for the syrians but also for their allies so the russians can now say, look, assad offered a peace plan and rebels won't talk. they would call it optics and
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they are important here. assad trying to get control live on state tv. a reminder that a large number of syrians support him especially among the upper class. despite offers for negotiation he was clear he has no intention of leaving and will win this civil war. to the past 20 ms. he says the rebels, we are seeing a growing number of fighters from foreign countries and much more turning syria into a islamic state. rebels say they aren't interested while assad is power. assad has shown he has well more than nine lives of a cat. last summer the state department said they thought damascus would fall within 36 hours. clearly assad is still in control.
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the speech was meant as a message that he will not go peacefully. >> jamie: leland, thank you. >> gregg: well, hockey fans, you are having a happy day to be sure. it's apparently four months and marathon negotiation session to get hockey back. early this morning, nhl and players agreed to end the lockout and save what is left of the hockey season. take listen. >> it was the best deal for us available. you are always tough because we're all friends of the game and we with wish we didn't have to go through this, but we did. we're on the other side now. >> hopefully within a very few days, the fans can get back to watching people who are skating if not the two of us. >> gregg: hockey is back but scheduling issues including the length of season still needs to be worked out. >> jamie: a jam packed show
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ahead. still to come, president obama getting set to tap former republican senator chuck hagel to be the next defense secretary and possibly setting the stage for big confirmation fight. >> gregg: tax on gasoline sparking clashes in the street as police use tear gas to break up crowds. we're going to tell you where this is happening. >> jamie: up next, a town known for high crime rate is looking to improve its reputation. they have launched a new campaign to try and turn things around. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ across the river ♪ all it is there ♪ better you see...
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>>. >> jamie: welcome back. two homicide bombers striking southern afghanistan. five people died. taliban claiming responsibility. police in bangladesh clashing with protestors who are trying to enforce a strike today. that in response to a hike in fuel prices. about two dozen people were injured as police tried to break up the crowd with rubber bullets and tear gas. and jirad showing off his new passport. french actor leaving his homeland in protest against the new tax rates for millionaires. >> gregg: americans suffering from foreclosure crisis are going to have to wait a little longer for relief. house oversight committee are asking to delay a multibillion
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dollar settlement. joining us to talk about it is brenda buttner. it's a $10 billion deal, 14 banks, five of the largest who gets compensated and how? >> that is part of the issue. we know that $3.75 billion is supposed to be basically paid out in cash to many of people who went through foreclosures in 2009 and 2010. the balance is some sort of release for borrowers. but the regulators can't agree and they are worried that the money isn't going to make it to these borrowers so there has been a delay. >> gregg: i thought the big banks coughed up, $25 billion last freb february. i thought this was all behind them. what exactly did they do wrong? >> they did a lot wrong. basically there was a robo signing scandal where they were
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signing foreclosure applications some of which deserved it. some of them did not. there were long delays in the process. so there was lot of pain not only to the people who were trying to work through their mortgages but to the economy as well. >> gregg: all right. let's broaden the discussion, there is good news. silver lining in all of this. home prices are on track to post a yearly gain for the first time since 2006, one of the reasons is, let's put up the chart, foreclosures are dropping. this is the core logic data. why did they drop 20%? >> number one is decent one and that is lenders is accepting more short sales. lenders, banks say, we will accept less sale of a home for less than outstanding debt on the property. that is one thing. other thing a lot of the
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foreclosures are moving to states which require the courts to be part of the process. once you add in the judiciary and the courts, things go on for a long time. in florida it takes 600 days to get through a foreclosure. >> investors and first time home buyers as well as folks that want to move up in their properties, they are really beginning to get in a the market now. is that because interest rates are so incredibly low and we are seeing some improvement in the marketplace and the economy, albeit slowly? >> interest rates are low. it's a great deal but the problem is banks weren't lending. some people are moving up. some people are able to reach those standards. banks are opening up a little bit. that is part of the issue. the other issue is the inventory is getting smaller. foreclosures is big part of that. when there is legs inventory
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prices will go up. >> gregg: home builder confidence the highest in six and a half years. how does the housing market help to grow and improve our economy? >> it's huge. it was the real estate bubble that got us into this whole mess. if there is some improvement in that that will definitely help the economy. it will help unemployment. people can't move to where the jobs are because they can't sell their homes. it's also the wealth effect that people have, feel their homes are worth more, they will spend more. >> gregg: the home mortgage interest deduction cost the u.s. government about hundred billion dollars, it's on the table if congress tinkers with that, what would it do to the economy? >> that is huge issue. most people buy homes in large part because they want a home but the mortgage rate deduction is one of the biggest deductions
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that most people take. if that is not there, i think it would have a very, very dire impact on the housing market and on the economy, as well. again, basically the government is paying people to buy homes. should this be on the table? just about everything should be. >> it lowering your tax exposure and your taxable income. brenda, good to see you. catch more of brenda on "bulls and bears", 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> jamie: it consistently ranks among these most dangerous u.s. cities, we're a talking about camden, new jersey. but wait! there is a movement calling on the people to say something nice about camden, part of a campaign to raise awareness about some of good things happening there. anna is joining us live. what is going on.
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>> reporter: critics argue that to say something nice, social media a futile effort what some say is america's worst city. they point to the success of new york campaign that helped clean up manhattan in the 1970s. south jersey's biggest city has rich culture to highlight. >> visit the city, have a terrific steak and think about walt whitman and his poetry, the things he saw in camden are relevant today. >> reporter: to say something nice billboard was slated to be up for a month but it was supported by local businesses for january, as well. the mayor's campaign won't work overnight but will have a lasting positive impact. >> it begins to help by overcoming despair and fear and again bringing back a sense of hope for people who believe.
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>> reporter: statistics tell a different story. violent crimes were up significantly in 2012. year ended with a total of 67 homicides. a new record. 42% of the population living below the poverty line and 23 of its 26 schools receiving failing grades. some residents say say something nice about camden campaign is much needed. >> you take a look around, they are definitely redeveloping. there is a lot of positive people that really want things, despite the bad publicity, with the murder rate and what have you there are a lot of good people that live in camden. >> reporter: it will continue to focus on athletes to help spread the positive image. >> jamie: sounds like it's going work. >> gregg: caught on videotape. a massive fight force ago mall to close down early. we'll have the details and more of the pictures of this melee.
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>> jamie: plus, fox news learning that president obama will nominate chuck hagel to be the next defense secretary as early as tomorrow. if so, hagel should not expect sailing through his confirmation hearing as the criticism rises from both sides of the aisle. >> i do think it is interesting that the president seems to be hell bent on nominating him despite a number of prominent republicans have criticized him and democratic senators have been surprisingly silent on it. this is president right now who is drunk the tea. gave bth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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>> jamie: more help on the way for super storm sandy victims. president obama signing into law a $10 billion bill paying for insurance claims related to the storm. >> gregg: a large fight for the food court at a baton rouge mall caught on cellphone. the mall was closed earlier and the incident remains under investigation. >> jamie: this came to a close. nl and players reached a labor deal. it will end the 113 day lockout
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and allow the league to play an abbreviated season. >> gregg: health insurance rates could soon skyrocket. they are considering increasing premiums notwithstanding the new healthcare law. peter doocy has a closer look. >> reporter: in some states the affordable care act may not be living up to its name. some insurance companies in ohio and florida have already raised their premiums at least 20%. look at california where "new york times" saying that a anthem blue shield wants to raise premiums 21%. even though obamacare requires insurance programs to go through rate review for premium increase of more than 10%. if an insurance company can prove their costs are going up it's hard for them to deny the increased premiums. but some experts say it could
1:28 pm
put a major strain on the system. >> the premiums, they are not going to get coverage or end up at the state exchange and get federally subsidized. there is nothing in the obamacare law that will keep premiums down. it's determined on stated by dated level. >> reporter: people that buy insurance on their own are most vulnerable but an executive at kaiser family foundation said there is no question that review of rates makes a difference that results in lower rates paid by customers and small businesses. there are 37 states where legislatures have told regulators they don't have to okay every excessive increase in health insurance premiums. >> one of the biggest confirmation battles could soon be here and fox news has learned that president obama has nominated chuck hagel as the
1:29 pm
next secretary of defense but his viewings on israel are a hot topic. >> whoever is nominated for secretary of defense is going to have to have a full understanding of our close relationship with our israeli allies, the iranian threat and the importance of having a robust military. whoever that is, i think will be given a thorough vetting and if hagel is nominated he will be subjected to the same kinds of review of his credentials as anyone else. >> this is in your face nomination by the president to all of us who are supportive of israel. i don't know what his management experience is regarding pentagon little if any. so i think its controversial choice. >> jamie: would hagel survive a senate hearing? let's bring in ron bongene and margie o'meara.
1:30 pm
great to see both of you. it seems like both sides of the aisle agree that senator hagel can get a fair hearing but why is he best choice from democrats point of view? >> i think it's a strong choice from a really united american point of view. he earned two purple hearts. he is a republican senator who has not been part of the partisan bickering that people have grown to hate here. he has been endorsed by five former ambassadors to israel. he voted for $40 billion in aid to israel. he has been endorsed by four former security advisors and all those folks that have been appointed by republican and democratic administrations. i think he is strong pick and it would make sense for people to come together and confirm. >> jamie: do you think he was the president's first choice? >> i think certainly he has been a key pick.
1:31 pm
he has been somebody the president has been working with closely and think he has had a real relationship with. >> he has been an advisor but questions keep coming up on positions on israel which is so critical right now. i've heard a number of government officials from israel express at least concern over not knowing what your position is right now? >> i think he is going to have a rollercoaster ride confirmation and big fight for the obama administration to get him through. there are bipartisan concerns over his stances on israel, over his weak stance on iran over the fact that he wants to recognize hezbollah as a state. the fact that he has made comments regarding hamas, we need to talk to hamas. what is interesting how quiet senate democrats are.
1:32 pm
chuck schumer, avid pro israel senator, chairman robert menendez dez, you don't hear from anything from him. you are going to hear a number of democrats that are not going to come to this and republicans are going to be asking hard questions. >> jamie: what about from a defense point of view. the questions that are being asked about his ability to manage the pentagon. it's a huge task. in a way it seems a shame that leon panetta would have to leave right now as we're making plans to withdraw from afghanistan and facing challenges with iran and other countries. what is it that chuck hagel have been doing specifically that prepares him for that? >> remember, before he was in the senate he was successful business person. he is someone that has a long history in defense and support for veterans. he wants to cut bloated spending
1:33 pm
which is someone that everything can support. it says about the tone of the senate that someone would whagel's experience as seen extreme fringe pick that someone would on use that phrase when they have rejected others as extreme. but as they learn about the breath of his experience and that will be a good asset. >> jamie: i can't say whether it's relevant or not but during his first term the president didn't visit israel. do you know if chuck hagel has? >> i don't know if he has or not. in addition to that, it's fascinating the obama administration is picking another former senator over to the defense side of the cabinet. you have the president obama, vice president biden, hillary clinton, john kerry and you now
1:34 pm
you have senator chuck hagel. that is dangerous to have one world view of the administration when it deals with defense policies. why not have someone like robert gates, someone who has a different view and came from a different background but knew how to manage things. >> jamie: quickly, i assume even a corporate ceo wants a team that shares the views. have you found that to be historically the way president obama operates? >> first, there is a lot more to the point of view and world view of john kerry, hillary clinton and president obama than the fact they were in the senate. there is lot more to personal experience. remember that gates and biden did not want obama, they recommended against obama making the call. so sometimes he agrees and
1:35 pm
sometimes he disagreeing and he is the president. >> jamie: does he pass confirmation if he is brought up? >> i think he does. >> i don't think so. she already apologizing already and hasn't been nominated. >> jamie: okay, thank you so much. >> gregg: lance armstrong reportedly weighing a public confession using performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career -- could armstrong be setting himself up with future legal trouble, civil and criminal. our lawyers are here to weigh in. >> jamie: renewed gun control debate focusing on gun shows. could the events be banned and what would be that in terms of reasonable response to the newtown connecticut shootings. a fair and balanced debate. >> i have no idea what the president has in mind, but down the road. it could be many things that could jeopardize gun show
1:36 pm
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>> gregg: new reports that cyclist lance armstrong is considering of using perform man's enhancing drugs. the agency concluded he did,
1:40 pm
indeed, dope and now, there are new reports principally in the new york times that indicates that armstrong may trying to reversed lifetime ban by confessing. would an admission cause him serious legal trump. joining us now is lis wiehl and mercedes. let's start with issue number one. the most important, potential perjury. he testified under oath that he never doped. question, lis, if he lied could he criminally be prosecuted? >> technically he could be, statute of limitations problem but if he tries to snitch about other people, the government is going to take perjury off the table if you give all this informational what you did and what other people did. >> gregg: but they have dozen people who snitched on arm
1:41 pm
strong? >> absolutely. i think the statute of limitations is going to be a big problem. two years statute of limitations and last time he testified was 2006. >> gregg: issue number two, the federal whistle-blower lawsuit. floyd landes started this, he sued alleging he doped in violation. question, mercedes, what would a confession do to that case? >> there is a morality clause that talks about what you can and cannot do and you have to abide by the anti-doping laws. which if he confesses he didn't. the contract comes into question. the u.s. government can say they want the $30 million. >> i don't think it's near $30 million. >> gregg: $10 million? >> maybe less than that. if he comes forward and confesses at this point, there
1:42 pm
is going to be a deal he strikes with the government to take all of this off of the table. >> gregg: issue number three the lawsuit to recover the bonus money which is huge amount. he was paid $12 million in bonuses for tour de france wins. question -- if he admits he cheated would he have to pay the money back? >> maybe. at that point the government can take only so much off. they can't take the bonus money because that was private organizations. so at that point you are looking at armstrong and private bonuses. >> and there is a issue and has the anti-doping regulations and morality clause, all that comes into question. he is in big trouble for that bonus and it's $12 million. >> gregg: remember he said everything coming against me claiming i'm doping is lying. so the libel case that was filed against the sunday times. armstrong won a defamation
1:43 pm
lawsuit. if he admits the story was true, does he have to pay back 1.5? >> now he has to pay it back. he is actually damaging and defaming the newspaper. >> i could think the newspaper could sue him for more money. >> there is a lawsuit pending on this particular case. they have to show camps but they are going to say wait a minute, we had this agreement obviously you entered it into fragile endly. this is fraudulent and this contract is null and void. there is a settlement issue. so that is going to come into play. is there another issue. if you say there are new facts into play after there is a settlement agreement. >> he is retracting from the ones earlier. >> gregg: issue future lawsuits. in denying that he doped,
1:44 pm
armstrong alleged that cycling teammates all fabricated the evidence and lied about him. question, mercedes, who wo his confession allow them to sue him? >> great question. they can do it. they have to show damages. one thing with defamation, find something that is wrong that is unlawful and is a lie. what are my damages and mental anguish, you can't put a price tag on that. >> gregg: issue number six, other sponsors out there, what about this. armstrong was paid millions by nike, don't you know sponsors were based on his success. would an admission that he cheated allow them to recoup some of that money? >> absolutely. moral culpability. he lied. he is now coming forward and saying i lied.
1:45 pm
>> and this is what they are going to say. he is going the say, wait a minute, i wore your brand. what damage did they bring to your brand. they are going to say how did it diminish it. nike still endorses michael vick. >> gregg: were you representing lance armstrong would you tell him not to confess? >> undoubtedly. >> i'm always for telling the truth. [ laughter ] >> gregg: you are always for telling the truth. isn't that interesting and unfortunately we are out of time. i would have pursued that. [ laughter ] >> gregg: i need more of that. good to see you both. >> jamie: that scope of questioning, take it outside kids. this year has been tough. there has been so many high
1:46 pm
profile tragedies to reported and gun control advocates and fuming even louder. where does it leave lawful gun owners? we will have a fair and balanced debate you won't want to miss. that is next. droid dna augmentation initiated. vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc.
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>>. >> jamie: as we reported the mass shootings in connecticut are sparking a new gun control debate in our country. there is growing movement to ban or restricted gun shows. as the white house weighs broad gun control legislation following the sandy hook massacre. are gun shows the proper target or are they a scapegoat? let's bring in ellen ratnor and tammy bruce, radio talk show host. i must say color coordinated.
1:50 pm
[ laughter ] >> jamie: what do you think the white house has planned? >> i don't think they aren't going to do something as broad i would do. they are going to tighten restrictions, magazines. i would outlaw anything except for rifles but i don't think they are going to be that tough. >> jamie: in terms of the gun shows, how do you see legal gun owners either benefiting or being hurt by any legislation? >> look, all of this is shiny object. we all, i would hope want the same objective. i think politicians don't who want to take advantage of a crisis. we want this madness to stop. we also know suicide is number one cause of death as opposed to car accidents. this is about a shiny object that keeps us away from looking at the real issues at hand had
1:51 pm
which the collapse of society, social issues, hopelessness, joblessness, depression. as long as we are pointing to an inanimate object, those that move the leftist agenda, they don't want you to talk about situations in chicago where which is microcosm when all those factors come into play. it's now the gun murder capital of the country which is a gun free zone. we need to look at this as the nature of us wanting to make a change. as long as we are looking at rifles and gun shows you are missing the entire problem, which is the human condition and nature of mental illness and collapse of family and the internal family. >> when it comes to suicide i can throw yourself in front of a train. ellen, is there a compromise position that keeps our children and other adults safe? keeping safe, i'm not referring
1:52 pm
to legal gun owners, most of the crimes committed with guns are illegal gun owners? >> right. look i used to work in mental health for 20 years and all those issues are very important including the issue of poverty and unemployment. those are all important issues. if you have somebody, when you have access to a gun and you can get it and there is nothing between the gun, purchasing the gun and your action, no time, no background check, that is what happens at gun shows. that is the problem, as well. you want to at least put in some thought process something so somebody's brain, i have a thought i'm going to use a gun. we have more things for people who are driving a car or restrictions. >> jamie: or even prescription drugs. would waiting be helpful or background checks and whose responsibility should this be,
1:53 pm
the federal government or states? >> here is the iowa any. none of the horrible events we have been dealing with is because somebody bought a gun at a gun show. i am a firearm owner and i don't mind background checks. when you are looking at the people that commit these mass crimes, they commit them in gun free zones and in the one exception which was tucson you have somebody that was so mentally disturbed it took him after a year to address the issue. you are looking at distractions because politicians don't want americans to look at the nature of what has happened at the grassroots of this country. columbine the woman that bought those guns at two guys, had there been a background check, had she forced to fill out the papers she would never have bought the guns for those guys. >> jamie: i think looking at the
1:54 pm
whole picture and hopefully our country will. see you soon. take care. we are going to be right back. great discussion. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes.
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>>gregg: we are now learning that president obama will nominate former republican senator chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. the official announcement is expected tomorrow. his selection could kickoff the most contentious confirmation fights in years.
1:58 pm
he has been criticized for opposing the bush administration's troop surge in iraq as well as advocating for greater efforts to negotiate with the leaders of iran. keep it here for more on this developing story. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> today a new year and a new fight in washington. president obama and congress are set for another fiscal show down over the borrowing limit. democrats say congress must raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills. republicans insist any debt hike should be accompanied by spending cuts. >> my idea is to have a comprehensive view. we talk about tax simplification and fairness as something we should be engaged in long before
1:59 pm
the fights came along. now we have a chance to do that with a heightened awareness bit public on why we need to do certain things. let's put on the table what it is we can in order to increase revenue. >> it underscores the appetite for more taxes on the other side. we resolved the tax issue a few days ago. everyone taxes are going up because that is how the law was written. a few days ago 35 percent of -- 95 percent of senate republicans voted for tax release for the american taxpayers and not a single republican senator voted to raise anyone's taxes. >> molly is covering this live from washington, dc. what is the latest? >> rather than private negotiations president obama is drawing public lines in the sand
2:00 pm
over fiscal fights ahead trying to win over american support with more public campaign-style tactics. for example, looming ahead is the battle over the debt ceiling, the credit card limit, to pay for all of the government spending. we hit the $16.4 trillion limit last week. the president is telling congress to raise the debt ceiling without a fight. >> i will negotiate over many things, i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills they have already racked up through the laws they passed. >> that is stirring up lawmakers with domes backing the president saying there is no need to discuss racing the debt limit while republicans are saying the country needs to pull in its spending and not continue to raise the debt limit again and again. >> the president does not want to debate this because if i was
2:01 pm
the president of the united states and presighed over the four annual highest deficits in united states i would not want to talk about the issue. this is not about future payments but about paying bills already due. this is like we get up and say we will not pay our mortgage. that is reckless and irresponsible. >> congress has two months to fix the debt ceiling problem before the united states may is to default on its bills. >>gregg: another fox news alert. new response from the united states state department to syrian president bashar al-assad making his first speech in month. it is called a meaningless attempt to retain power in his war-torn country. now leland vittert with more. >> this speech was a combination of the same old, same old, we will win, all rebels are terrorists and at the same time
2:02 pm
providing diplomatic cover for the syrians but for the russians so they can say, look, president rebels will not and in politics in the united states they call this optics. president bashar al-assad was live on state tv and speaking to adoring crowds a reminder that a large number of syrians still support him, especially among the upper class. despite the offers for negotiation, he was clear he has no intention of leaving and will win the civil war. in 20 months he said the rebels are impa theseers, but a growing number of fighters are from foreign countries and more interested in turning syria into a islamic state. one organization is saying they are not interested in negotiate while bashar al-assad is in
2:03 pm
power. that is why the violence continues. >> a season has shown he has more than nine lives of the cat, damascus was thought to fall by the state department in 36 hours and clearly assad is still in damascus and in control and this speech is a message that he will not go peacefully. >>gregg: leland vittert, thank you. >> israel is now taking steps to prevent violence from spilling over from syria announcing plans to erect a new fence between the two countries. president binyamin netanyahu is concerned about syria's chemical weapons and protecting against radical islamic forces which is gaining momentum. a similar barricade separates israel's border with egypt. greg new developments in the israeli and palestinian relations with abbas ordering his government to now change the name of the palestinian
2:04 pm
authority to "the state of palestine." starting today all official palestinian starches, stationery and documents will have the new name after a decision by the united nations in november to upgrade palestinian status for "nonmember observer state." israel has objected to the u.n. decision arguing that it jeopardizes the peace process. >> the former commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, retired army general is speaking out, taking the blame for a career-ending rolling stone article which included unflattering comments attributed to his staff of the obama administration in an interview with cbs he talked about the downfall. >> my whole life i expected i could get killed in war, in my wildest dreams i never once thought i could be accused of anything approaching disloyalty or disrespect. i told the president that i
2:05 pm
would support any decision he made if he wanted me to go back or if he wanted to suspect my resignation which i carried with me. >> the president accepted your resignation? >> correct. >> you do not want to miss hannity tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. because retired general mccrystal will join the program for the entire hour. >> afghanistan's president car design will visit washington next week as president obama considers options on ending the longest war sources telling fox news the top u.s. commander is reportedly laid out three different plans for the pentagon. national security correspondent has the details on that. >> fox has learned that the white house is not considering any option that would leave more than 10,000 american troops in afghanistan beyond 2014. according to a senior administration official, despite
2:06 pm
reports the white house was going to leave a larger footprint. the top united states commander in afghanistan, general allen, provided three options to the pentagon for a post 2014 force, and nothing went north of 10,000 troops. >> with 10,000 limit, that suggests the administration is trying to hold down the numbers. the most likely final figure is 6,000 giving us a special operating direct action element and probably the use of drones for strikes and maybe two bases in eastern afghanistan and a small headquarters element in kabul. >> the final decision on troop levels rests with the president. general allen remains the subject of an investigation into whether he exchanged inappropriate e-mails with tampa bay socialite jill kelley. >> i don't think this will impact his ability to give the white house and the pentagon and the chairman of the joint staff exactly what he thinks needs to
2:07 pm
be the set of numbers to be considered. >> others think general allen may not be getting all he wanted. >> he was looking somewhere starting at 10,000 and going up. he wanted to do the special forces mission and he also wanted to do a more robust train and assist mission because he felt the afghanistan army and police had a long way to go. >> pentagon officials cite a growing confidence in afghan security forces as a factor in planning for a smaller united states presence. the most recent progress report prepared by the pentagon suggested otherwise. only one in 23 afghan military battalions had the ability to fly their own air support. the rest still relied completely on the united states and nato. >> insider attack by afghan security forces is another factor. presidents karzai and obama will meet at the white house to discuss troop levels and the
2:08 pm
wish list of military equipment karzai is bringing to washington next week. >> extreme weather alert the east coast is gearing up for unseason bring warm temperatures ahead. the mercury expected to climb more than ten degrees higher-than-normal. a mild storm is moving across new england creating a possibility of snow. a rainstorm is over california and that could pose problems for the southern plains later in the week. >>gregg: hockey is back. it took four months and a marathon negotiating session to put the skates back on the ice. this morning, the nhl and the players agreed on a tentative deal to end the 113-day lock out and save what is left of the season. now schedules issuing including the length of the season need to be worked out. >> the coast guard has been working trying to move an oil
2:09 pm
rig that is stranded off of alaska. coming up, how a salvage team is planning to get it back to safety. >>gregg: swimmers attempt to escape from alcatraz, the race to the frigid and shark infested waters. >> marking what would have been nixon's 100th birthday on wednesday. dominic is live outside president nixon's childhood home. >> we are remembering a very complex character today but, also,ation about the political echoes that resonate through the society today coming up in a moment. let's give thanks -
2:10 pm
for an idea. a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream,
2:11 pm
if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like lerty and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon and a phone in your pocket. our country's gone through a lot over the centuries and a half. but this idea isn't fragile. when times get tough, it rallies us as one. every day, more people believe in the american idea and when they do, the dream comes true. we're grateful to be a part of it.
2:12 pm
2:13 pm
>>gregg: and now the headlines. president obama signing a $10 billion beneficial to help victims of super storm sandy, the larger aid package, though, is expected to go before congress by the end of the month. >> and the suspect in the colorado movie massacre due in court. >> 12 people were killed and dozens were wounded after he storms the movie theater in the summer. >> the salvage team in alaska is trying to save a stranded drilling ship from a remote island after it got loose during a storm. >> it has been a rude awakening for many preparing to open their new paychecks for this year. for the first type since the number of new tax hikes took affect, part of the so-called fiscal cliff, and what is worse, according to the latest rasmussen poll, half are
2:14 pm
confused how much will be taken out or they didn't know a tax hike was companying. anchor of bulls & bears joins me now. >> they talked about many in the middle class not being hit by tax increases but those people, were they affected bit loss much the payroll tax holiday? >>guest: absolutely. everyone who says there has been no tax hike is not getting it because basically this really does hit the middle class the most. essentially, for the last two years we had a "holiday" paying only 4.2 percent in payroll taxes and now it goes up 2 percent to 6.2 percent, so say ing you will be on average $1,000 more in federal taxes. this has a multiplier effect, less money you will spend and it will hurt the economy. so this is definitely a tax and
2:15 pm
a tax that hits just about everyone. >> it seems it willing cumulative because if businesses pay for health care and they have to pay more payroll taxes they may not hire and people may not get jobs. will it spiral and make our economy worse or is there a silver lining? >> in fact, if you look at how small businesses were hit by the taxes, everyone talks about it was only 400,000 or 450,000, people making above that amount, many small business owners file on individual returns so they are facing, essentially, nearly a 5 percent income tax hike so of course they are not going to hire as many and then there is the obamacare increase in taxes, as well, this we have to institute insurance or pay a penalty, that hits them as well. they are the chief employers in this country. so it will have an effect.
2:16 pm
>>jamie: and nancy pelosi, when asked if more tax increases are on the table, would not say "no." she left it open. when they go to discuss the debt ceiling hike which the president could decide to do on his own, do you think we could be paying even more taxes? >>guest: it is hard to know what is on the table. the more troubling thick, really, is basically only tax hikes were on the table for this , there were no spending cuts. you cannot cut the deficit, at all if that is the aim, to cut the debt and the deficit, you cannot do it without spending cuts as painful as that is. >>jamie: so are we working for the government? >>guest: it feels that way. yes. the issue is, what incentive do you have to work more if you are taxed more, if you are giving it to the government. that is why, that is the whole issue in capitalism versus socialism.
2:17 pm
if you don't have an incentive to work harder, where does that leave you? >>jamie: i have 30 seconds left, is this the new normal for america? >>guest: i think so. right now, it is so polarized and this is such a difficult choice to make, if the people we hire to make the choices keep putting it off and keep delaying and not cutting spending, yes, the new normal is a good way to put it. >>jamie: we always check bulls and bears because we learn a lot. great to see you, brenda, don't miss her on saturdays at 10:00 a.m. >>gregg: we are approaching the late former president nixon's 100th birthday, with events looking back at his complicated legacy with dominic live from his birthplace in california, a big orange grove at one time. how was he commemorated today?
2:18 pm
>>reporter: very impressive display from the marines who protect the current presidents and past presidents with a flyover of carrier jets and 21-gun salute and moving speeches from a major general and marines and people from the political fold. among the crowd was his two daughters. we spoke to his first daughter who described, really, how he viewed the world in the context today given the partisanship we have in washington, dc, and the troubles around the world. >> i think that he would look at the countries in the world and try to find ways to create more positive interaction between countries and i think he would look at the world and he would say there is still a lot of work to do. >>reporter: he was a controversial and complex character. people say perhaps we did not really know him although the
2:19 pm
watergate scandal led to his end and tarnished resolution reputation, people here just say that, really, at the end of the day, he was a good plan and he really wanted world peace but he set out to do that. only in his late years and now 36 years after resigning do we get a better sense of what he achieved, particularly with the foreign policy with the likes of china and russia. >>gregg: we know that water gate was the low-water mark, a shameful moment in his life and career but what do people, today, say is his legacy? >>reporter: well, it comes back to the geopolitics and the foreign policy. he reached out to china and that reaching out to china and getting chairman mao to open up the country and become as a result the great power that it is today, and, also, what he did with the russians, he started to bring about the end of the cold war, but, many of the things he did, the geopolitical ideas
2:20 pm
including pulling troops out of vietnam, very much has a parallel to what is going on today. one of the major generals speaking today said what he did in vietnam were lessons for what we saw or what we are seeing now in afghanistan. take a listen. >> we are not going to let the effort of the last decade completely collapse behind us. that is alear lesson we can take from the vietnam war, i suspect that is a significant less son as people work through the plans the next year or two. >>reporter: he is referring to the sudden pullout of vietnam that nixon ordered because the war was so controversial and of course the afghan war is now controversial and people here in the united states are tired it, so, similar pressure and people remembering what he did back then and, really, how we can learn from that. >>gregg: the quick pull out went to the fall of saigon. >>jamie: before the escape from alcatraz, what is that
2:21 pm
about? a swim from alcatraz? two dozen braving the waters and the distance is 1.5 miles but swimmers have to focus on the constantly changing countries and the bay. we are told everyone made it to shore in fine shape, but you mentioned there were sharks. >>gregg: shark-infested waters and the currents are so severe if you are on a boat it is hard to navigate and with the official, it is tough stuff. >>jamie: not my thing. >>gregg: new information for a search for missing plane carrying the heir to a major fashion house. where officials are searching and the designer on board. >> new attention focusing on gun shows in the aftermath of the tragedy in connecticut live from north carolina. >> gun dealers are feeling the pinch as people are getting very
2:22 pm
upset over the gun shows across the country. i will have that story coming up. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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>>jamie: bottom of the hour and time for the to which the news. president obama will nominate senator hagel to be secretary of defense and mcconnell is
2:26 pm
reserving judgment on whether to support the expected nomination. >> international bank regulators agreeing on new rules to ensure banks hold enough cash to survive market crises. they have until 2019 to fully comply. rescue crews off the coast of venezuela are searching for the plane carrying the c.e.o. of italy's iconic missoni fashion house which disappeared from radar 24 hours ago with five people believed on board. >> we have been talking about gun shows and expected gun control measures. new criticism now of the shows noting the deadly school shooting in connecticut which included the deaths of 20 children and six adults at sandy hook elementary school. it has renewed the gun control debate. some are fighting to ban the shows altogether. and now, live from the asheville gun show in north carolina. what is the mood, elizabeth? >>reporter: well, you are
2:27 pm
right when you say it is divisive. we are seeing local officials taking matters in their own families and some states are canceling shows but local officials here in asheville, north carolina, are trying to get them banned altogether from city property. thousands of folks are showing up at gun shows in record numbers across the nation. at this gun show, we saw folks showing up three hours in advance of the doors opening. last month the f.b.i. reported 2.8 million people applied for concealed carry permit applications up 49 percent from december of 2011 and in asheville we see evidence of that. >> this is the first show in 20 year jazz done where people were waiting in line at 6:30 in the morning although they did not open until 9:00 and this is cut your local population showing we are thought going to be pushed around about what we can or cannot do with our guns. >> a councilman wants to say gun
2:28 pm
shows are not permitted on city property and this is consider add city building which is why there is a fight. the state says the building belongs to them and the city says the building belongs to them so the court will is to decide later. he claims that gun shows create loopholes which allow for illegal trade. >> there is a loophole in gun shows where private owners can sell and trade guns back-and-forth without background checks. >> the promoter says all of the guns that are sold by dealers here are done legally and background checks do take place. >>jamie: thank you. great reporting today. >>gregg: look at this, brand new polls showing no real political winners emerging from the fiscal cliff deal. 43 percent approve. 45 don't. 12 percent have no opinion. when you break the numbers down, they are along party line,
2:29 pm
two-thirds of democrats aprove and two-thirds of republican disapprove, and our political insiders are here. they don't agree with those folks. john leboutillier, former republican congressman from new york, and form pollster for president jimmy carter, doug pat caddell, and doug schoen. >> looking as you did, the democrats approved 2-1, and the republicans object 2-1. that is the score. this is a huge victory for the democrats. a huge victory for the president. it doesn't solve the problem. it does what president obama said he was going to do which is raise taxes on the wealthy. democrats are happy. republicans got rolled. >>gregg: does boehner have mud on his face? >> it was a total slaughter despite some things i said, someone wrote or suggested they got what they wanted.
2:30 pm
look, the bigger loser was the american people by a long shot. this deal is a raping of the ordinary american by, i think, the special interests deal they put together. two examples, three examples, showing you how bad the republicans are. the deals for extending tax breaks for corporations and insiders, billions and billions, it is $41 in taxes and $1 cut in spending. they went crazy. the republicans screwed republican red states. if you live in texas, your taxes, you will be, because of the alternative minimum tax, you pay five times more tax increase than if you live in new york. they could not predict their own people. worse than anything is the self-dealing. no one is for cutting spending in their own special interests and the american people should be angry. >>gregg: this is the most
2:31 pm
progressive tax system since 1979, .7 percent, less than 1 percent, john. now pay 40 percent of all federal taxes. >> the big story here, to me, is that the republicans who run the house of representatives and who negotiated the deal over in the senate with the vice president, republicans are the ones who allowed this to happen. they caved. john boehner, the speaker of the house of representatives is the most e speaker in our lifetime, the night this was adopted in the senate which was last sunday, right away, immediately, cantor, the majority leader, announced, i'm against the deal. i'm against the deal. so we have the leader, speaker boehner; if it, the next guy if charge is against it, and there is no leadership inside the republican caucus. they have fallen apart and allowed this thing to happen.
2:32 pm
>> in terms of spending congress added $4 trillion and made it worse. >> and the other thing to playoff pat's point there was nothing done about carried interest, the favored tax treatment for hedge funds and private equity guys. bottom line, the tax code is progressive, and it has gotten more progressive, it is on working people that it is more progressive rather than the rich. >> for president obama saying, we got the millionaires and billionaires, they pay 20 percent more in profit, and 20 percent more in tax rate on real income, unbelievable. all of the deals the american people are getting screwed and they are all getting tax increases. >> the republicans had a principle. you may not agree with it but the principle was, it is bad for the economy to raise tax rates on anyone, rich or not. that is their position. if they believe in that, why
2:33 pm
give that up without getting something in return? >> in other words the deal did nothing about the deficit, nothing about the spending, nothing about the debt ceiling anding in about the cliff. >> and it gave president obama more political juice and energy so he is going forward and he is saying he is not negotiated about the debt ceiling or anything else. >> mcconnell who could be a clone from "invasion of the body snatchers" was controlled by joe biden goes out there and at the last minute give as deal that screws the country, and his own party and he is re-elected after losing two senate lesses. it is unbelievable. none of them in washington understand this, they are both spending parties and they are basically both --. >>gregg: and the rasmussen poll, spending cuts should be considered in every federal government program, and 62
2:34 pm
percent agree with that. yet many do not think it will happen. >> it will not happen based on what we saw. no one is talking about spending cuts. no one put a plan on the table like simpson-bowles to cut spending and to restore economic growth. >> if they could not do it past a year and a half they are not going to. >> this was a peter by an expert on the economy, and the unfunded federal liability is $87, 550 percent of g.d.p. and we are getting deeper and deeper. >> do you feel inspired, you all saw "lincoln" compared to another american politician? >> i would say this, i saw the movie and abraham lincoln showed leadership, willingness to stand up for principle, compassion, taking risk, the opposite of al
2:35 pm
gore selling his soul to al-jazeera getting the deal done by the end of the year. >> with the network that was the mouthpiece for al qaeda and osama bin laden, the biggest antiisrael mouthpiece in the world and he says we share the same values. abraham lincoln was willing and paid the price to save the country. i want to ask you a simple question and the audience, how many of you believe these people in washington, put the country and the future first? >> no one thinks that in this deal or has for a long time. >> that is why our politics is about to explode. >>gregg: we will take a quick break. i will ask you about the nominee that could be announced tomorrow to be the next secretary of defense, chuck hagel.
2:36 pm
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
2:39 pm
>>jamie: here is a quick check of headlines. the united states state department is responding to syrian president bashar al-assad's first appearance in six months dismissing a peace proposal from bashar al-assad calling it an attempt to hold on to power. >> rescue crews in washington state narrowing the search for a
2:40 pm
missing skydiver who vanished during a jump over a mountainous area on thursday. >> there is a task force to handle all the donations coming in from across the country following last month's deadly school shooting, toys and school supplies and other gifts all donated in the wake of a massacre that killed 20 children and sex adults. >>gregg: back with our political insiders, john leboutillier, pat caddell and doug schoen learning that the president perhaps by tomorrow will nominate former senator hagel, a republican, to be his next secretary of defense. given the things hagel has said of the so-called jewish lobby, about gays, about hamas, about hezbollah, is this going to be a bruising battle? >> absolutely bruising. these are huge issues the republicans threw mcconnell today signaled they are going to look very, very closely at the
2:41 pm
nomination which is code for expect most if not all republicans to vote against but democrats in states like new york, new jersey, and connecticut and florida, tough if them to support hagel given his positions on iran and israel and i think this is going to be another chaotic fight something that could be like john tower. >> and you have not only democrats in states as doug described in the northeast but landrieu in louisiana, and mark pryor in arkansas. they will vote for this guy? >>gregg: why nominate this guy? >> he likes hagel and the attitude is i will get you for susan rice and shove this down your throat. he wants a fight. >> it could blow up. >> the real first reason he looked at hagel a month ago and
2:42 pm
we heard the name the last couple of years, he is a republican, a trojan horse, he is a republican who agrees we need to cut defense spending and they want the face of defense cuts to be a republican not a democrat. that is number one. >> he will not be popular at the pentagon. >> let me ask these guys, has the president pick up the phone and called harry reid and said, can we get this guy confirmed? >> i don't think so. i think this is a fight they want because panetta, the outgoing secretary of defense, he said sequestration is a disaster and hagel has said the opposite. >> he is weak on iran and other things against intervention anywhere. greg degree going back do the sequestration, the $110 billion will happen in two months and they just kicked the can down the road so the president will get out and campaign, now. what do you make of that?
2:43 pm
>> he will get out and campaign for more spending, for continuing the right to borrow, extending the debt limit. bottom line, he will campaign against the sequestration because there is no republican land and both sides, boehner and the president have said no more negotiation. >>gregg: the president does not want to negotiate. >> he wants to say we need more revenue except for my friends, the people i protect. >>gregg: is this a divisive president? >> this is the most divisive president in history and the only way he can govern is dividing, he likes to do that and he does not like being president and even when the "washington post" opposes hagel, it will blow up. >> he is going up against a confused opponent. the republican party. they do not is a position to stand up on if it comes to the sequestration. >> you have been in the republican caucus. when you were there, were there republican strategies and
2:44 pm
messages that the party had to communicate? i don't see one now. >> there were in my day but we know now in these conference meetings they bring a pollster in who advises them on what to do and they reject the pollster's opinion and they go off the fiscal cliff. >> you have speaker boehner who is not talking to the majority leader, cantor, you have a real problem. >> he is not talking to the senate majority either. >> on the night of 9 fiscal cliff vote they could not get on the phone, boehner and cantor could thought talk to each other. greg i think you three could solve the problem in half an hour. >> we would do what is good for the american people. >>gregg: more of the political insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern. also, follow them on twitter at
2:45 pm
fnninsiders. >>jamie: one in circumstances americans suffers from a food borne illness each year and 3,000 die so the f.d.a. is cracking down on food safety rules. what could the changes mean for you and your family? he flu... i took theraflu, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is theraflu doesn't treat your cough. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a cough suppressant. great. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus severe cold and flu fights your worst flu symptoms, plus that cough with a fast acting cough suppressant. [ sighs ] thanks!... [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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>>gregg: the food and drug administration proposing sweeping new food safety rules in the united states promising the changes, with the spike in deadly food borne illness if recent years. >>jamie: it has been rising. how will the new rules work? will they make our food safer? we have a faculty member from new york university school of medicine.
2:49 pm
it is interesting that the rules are strict. they are new. they are new from the food and drug administration. where have they been? , they have not been ahead of the curb. what they do now, they have reacted to episodes of food poisoning and they do a great job on that and they stop the process. we are asking them now to get ahead of the curve which is to stop it to begin with. there have been a lot of desire on their part to do so and it will take money, time and more. but there will be new rules because one in six americans have an episode of food poisoning and that is probably underreported and some episodes beyond having diarrhea could be deadly. this is an important new role for the f.d.a. >>gregg: i was reading in the newspaper folks out in the field who are gathering the produce, now they have to wash their hands, they will put
2:50 pm
port-a-potties out there which is common sense. >> you have to interrupt the process from the farm to the table so the f.d.a. will look at manufacturing and production and make sure the chickens are healthy, and make sure that the plants are clean so you do not get the peanut disasters. you have to worry about the distribution. the trucks. now you carry ice cream one day and eggs another day and you get salmonella. you have to worry about the individual, instruct them and teach them safety. i didn't realize when you thaw something out it should be in the refrigerator not on your table. you need to wash your hands thoroughly when you mix cooked and uncooked stuff because all along this chain you have the potential problem for contamination. >>jamie: we should confiscate your cutting board if you are cutting things, too. all of these things are a risk. what is the f.d.a. going to do
2:51 pm
that you believe will help us not to get sick? >>guest: they are taking an initiative. they will have inspectors and set up guidelines and regulations all along the chain from the farms to the distribution and to the grocery store, to the restaurants and they going to play an active role. they were successful in the e. coli food contamination from hamburgers. >>jamie: that was after the fact. >>guest: they have done a good job. now they will attack salmonella. how effective? at least they are trying, it is the first if you regulation in this area in many years. >>gregg: there are things we can do at restaurants if you get an undercooked hamburger. >>guest: send it back. when you send it back, make sure they change the plates, do not get it back on the same plate. >>jamie: i bet they don't. >>guest: if you are in a
2:52 pm
special population, you are pregnant, older, or your immune system is compromised you have to be careful of deli meats or soft cheeses or sushi in the higher risk population. >>jamie: does organic matter? >>guest: probably not. it does not necessarily change e. coli or salmonella situation. >>gregg: in our kitchens, what about that? >>guest: food safety is clearly important. say you are cooking something. it is not enough to say it looks like it is okay. use a food thermometer and if it says it should be 135 or 165, depending on the food, that is what it should be. make certain you are applying the safety measures with heat and the refrigerator should be less than 40 degrees so it is doing an appropriate job. and wash the fruits and vegetables under running water.
2:53 pm
if you have pets, turtles or something, that can carry diseases, make certain you wash your hand thoroughly and if you are ill, do not be the cook for the family. certain common sense things but what you do at home is the most critical. >>jamie: if you have a -- washer i have been washing the sponges and my cutting boards at high hot temperatures does heat take care of the problem? >>guest: often but for a sufficient amount of time and it has to be hot enough, 135 for certain food and 165 for other foods. it has to be this for a sufficient amount of time. let things cool down for a few minutes before you start and do not refreeze things you have thawed. there are certain bake -- basic food safety measures to follow. if you are a doctor, review this some times. >>jamie: dr. lamb, great
2:54 pm
information today. >>gregg: do not put tommy the turtle and benji the birds on the same counter. thank you, doctor. fox news sunday for chris wallace with john roberts just ahead. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it? ...with best-in-class combined mpg... and more interior room than corolla and civic? ...and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169-per-month lease on a 2013 nissan sentra. ♪
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> i'm john roberts in for chris wallace. if you think the fight over the fiscal cliff was tough, stay tuned for a bruising round two. from automatic spending cuts to
2:58 pm
raising the debt ceiling to paying for uncle sam to stay open, the battle lines are drawn. how will that fight play out? we'll ask two key congress american. democrat chris van hollen and republican jim jordan. >> a new republican voice challenges the grand old party to find a different vision. a new man in town with a message that champions opportunity. will the party establishment listen? we'll get a fresh perspective from senator ted cruz. from spending to immigration to the new gun control debate will the new congress be able to get past toxic party sanship to get things done for voters? we will ask our sunday panel to read the political tea leaves all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. after side stepping the fiscal cliff the country now faces an economic triple threat of even greater scale. at stake, automatic spending cuts, government funding and
2:59 pm
the full faith and credit of the united states. with bruises still fresh from the last dustup, early jabs already flying. joining me to talk about this are two influencial members of congress. welcome to you both. we were talking before the program started mitch mcconnell the senate minority leader said on another sunday program the revenue piece is done, no more taxes. the president wants more tabs and wants to close loopholes and element deductions. how is this fight going to unfold as we go forward? >> if mitch mcconnell is going to draw that line in the sand it will be a recipe for more gridlock. we have to take a balanced approach to long-term deficit reduction meaning additional cuts and remember last year the president signed into law more than $1.5 trillion in cuts. 100% cuts. as a result of avoiding the fiscal cliff we raised about $730 billion in revenue from very high income individuals. as we go forward we need to adopt the same frame work as

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